Ticket measures

Save your ticket!

With the 'Save your ticket! initiative, the cultural and leisure sector is trying to give ticket buyers the chance to attend their favourite event, competition, concert or any other activity postponed by the corona crisis at a later date. This by working with a voucher. The voucher can be issued in different ways by the organizer. If there is a relocation of the event, the tickets can be converted to the new date. If there is a cancellation of the event, but other events with the same essential characteristics can be organized, the purchase price of the ticket can be refunded in the form of a voucher with the value of your purchase amount, which you can spend within a period of 2 years.

With this arrangement, the financial impact on the cultural sector is kept to a minimum while still allowing the ticket buyer to enjoy a cultural activity; although postponed. Thanks to the financial breathing space the cultural sector receives, they will be able to devote themselves fully to organizing new, equally great events in the future. Large and small organizers, artists, suppliers, freelancers, and all other employees and self-employed people who help to make these events possible, are helped by this.

How does the regulation work?

The consequences of these new measures for your ticket(s) are set out below. Of course, the organizers or ticket provider is free to determine how they will deal with this concretely. The event organizer will inform its consumers about the use of these measures, and it is advised to consult the website of the organizer in question.

Wherever on this website "Event" is mentioned, this may mean: (music) festivals, concerts, theatre performances, music performances, exhibitions, etc.

Wherever on this website "Organizer" is mentioned, this may mean: festival organizer, theatre, concert hall, club, museum, association, monument, ticket provider etc.

Postponed events

1. Purchased tickets for events that are forced to move due to the corona virus do not have to be refunded but can be compensated by the organizer by means of a voucher. This voucher is issued under the following conditions:

a) An activity with the same essential characteristics will be organized at a later date in the same or a nearby location.

b) The activity will be re-organized within a period of two years from the date of the original event.

c) The voucher represents the full value of the amount paid for the original admission ticket.

d) The holder of the voucher may not be charged a fee for attending the new event.

e) The voucher explicitly states that it was delivered as a result of the corona crisis.

f) The voucher may grant the right to purchase other products from the organizer within two years from the date of the original event.

2. A ticket holder must accept the voucher unless he provides evidence that he has been prevented from attending the activity on the new date. If there are additional events with the same essential characteristics organized during the stated two-year period, he may issue a voucher with the same value as the amount paid for the original event. If the holder of the ticket is unable to attend on the new date and no alternative can be offered by the organizer that meets the above criteria, he is still entitled to a refund.

3. Any monetary restitution must be made within a reasonable time (not specified in the ministerial decree).

Cancelled events

1. In the case of tickets for events which are cancelled due to the coronavirus (i.e. cannot be moved within the period of 2 years from the original date and an activity with the same essential characteristics cannot be organized during this period), the holder of that ticket must be reimbursed in full.

2. The organization must refund the price of the purchased ticket no later than 3 months after the ministerial decree has become ineffective.

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