Belgian culture and leisure sector call together: Save your ticket!

Belgian culture and leisure sector call together: Save your ticket!

Belgian festivals, event organizers as well as theatres, concert halls, cultural & leisure centers or parks offer their visitors as much opportunity as possible to enjoy their chosen event in better times. To this end, tickets already purchased will remain valid or vouchers will be issued.

The Belgian government recently announced several measures such as allowing vouchers for cancelled or postponed activities to support the sector severely affected by the COVID-19 corona crisis.

Through the website, the sector wants to inform its visitors more extensively about this, in order to help the sector get through this difficult time. In this way, the sector will be able to organize wonderful activities for everyone again in the future.

Searching for the best possible solutions

The organizations come up with appropriate solutions for the ticket holders, the visitors. As many new dates as possible will be searched for the events that cannot take place now and the original ticket remains valid for an event with the same essential characteristics, that is organized within a period of 2 years. As a result, visitors can still enjoy a replacement performance, festival, concert or exhibition.

If such a relocation is not possible, if the event is definitively cancelled or if the ticket holder is prevented from attending on the new date, the ticket holder will receive a refund. Ticket buyers will be informed by the organizer concerned about the practical handling of their events and tickets. Ticket buyers can also always choose to convert their ticket into a donation to support artists, creators and the people behind the scenes.

Enjoy later

With 'Save your ticket!', the sector hopes that ticket holders will be able to enjoy their visit to their favorite venue or event at a later time. This will enable the cultural sector and sport to absorb the major economic is hitting them through the corona crisis. This gives the sector room to work on new and high-quality events in the future. Not only the organizers, artists and venues are helped with this, but also the people behind the scenes who make these events possible, such as set designers, technicians, suppliers, creative people and other employees and self-employed people in the cultural sector.

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